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please check out the factor web site different from bill owe spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. lots to talk about tonight. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, brand new word. no ingannation. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. remember that the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. you.
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i resident told fox from what i've been told adam was aware of her petitioning the court and her plans to have him committed. adam was very upset about this. now, he thought that she just wanted to send him away from what i understand, he was really angry. i think this could have been it and what set him off. joining me more is our own molly line, molly, what do you have? >> sean, here is more information about the resident where the information came from. 25 years old. a u.s. marine, son of a pastor here in this community. our own fox had a chance to speak with him today. he said this was something that he had been told throughout the community that the gunman was very upset that he thought his mother wanted to send him away and he was very, very angry, senior law
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enforcement officials also confirmed that the gunman's anger at his mother over plans for quote, his future mental health treatment. everything being looked at as motivement court officials say the records related to this are sealed. also, another source says that the accused gunman was friends with people in the area, but that he had some mental challenges as well as a physical challenges but his mother was actual hi friends with the principal and psychologist at the sandy hook elementary school z that she volunteered at the school. and that they believe that he may have thought she cared more for the children there at the school than she did for him. another source tells connecticut post there were no medications found that are prescribed for mental illness that. is another avenue authorities are looking into it. whether the mental health, the physical well being of the gunman had anything to do with what happened here, and
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finally, investigators have also reportedly seized cell phones and video games from the home as well as a computer that may have been damaged. which they're struggling which could mean they're struggling to get information off of that computer. sean? >> thank you very much. we're going to have more on the tragedy later tonight including new efforts to ban certain types of guns in the wake of friday's shooting. the white house came out in support of the movement. we're going to tell you where the president stands on this, but first, there are breaking developments to report regarding the fiscal cliff showdown in washington, d.c.. so called plan b was introduced this morning by house speaker john boehner. proposal calls for tax hike on household that's make more than $1 million including small businesses however it didn't take long for the white thousands announce it's opposition to the plan. watch this. >> i mean alternative here, if you think bit in the so called plan b is makes no sense, there is an opportunity here to do something that has been
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set as a gel for a long time in washington reach a bipartisan compromise on significant deficit reductions on the order of $4 trillion when taking pieces of it and put them together. we're very close to being able to achieve that. and the president demonstrated obvious willingness to compromise and to move more than halfway. >> also, we're learning house majority leader said that the house will have the votes necessary to pass the plan b. but let's be clear. what is obvious is that president rejected the offer because it doesn't raise enough taxes but the problem that i, and other conservatives have with plan b is that it punishes people responsible for creating jobs in the country. the speaker is falling into the class warfare trap, instayed of filting for principal that's hand his party to the majority. now, he was sent to washington like all republicans to reduce
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the size of government, and cut taxes. not the opposite. as a result, i think it's time to go back to the drawing board and draft up a conservative solution to the so called fiscal crisis, borrowing 46 cents of every dollar we spend, call it plan c. joining me now with insight as to where things stand are three members of the republican party from capitol hill tonight i'm joined by jason chafe yits. congressman welcome to the program g to see you all. >> great to see you. >> sean: congressman chavez whark are you being told about the negotiations? because... my inter pret taigs is that we're going to be three to one spending cuts to tax increases now it's less than $1. so... what is going on? >> what we heard in the morning and afternoon was very
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different. what i heard this afternoon i liked because given what is on the books right now, doing nothing, what is actually law is going to be that single largest tax hikes we've had. what we're going to do is if we do go with this modified i think i'd call it modified plan b it would be one of the largest tax reductions protecting about 99% of the people in this country from this hike in august, we passed one that took care of 100% of it. and also, it did something what the debt limit. it didn't raise the debt limit one dime this, morning we thought it's going to. but by afternoon it had gone away. >> are you in the same camp? >> sean, we know that our big problem is too much spending. we know that president reagan fell into the trap and president george w. bush fell into the trap. and there is someone and we'll
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come along and we cut ourselves our own outsiders over 11% over two years giving us the moral authority. and and not only that, in 2009 there is a reobama budget and there is a trillion more than we brought in about $2.23 trillion. why can't we go back to their budget. it's 6,000. this is policy rigged by 42.5. and let's go back to the pelosi read budget of 2008. there is a number of solutions but spending has got to come down. >> i agree. >> the president -- . >> everybody else, they're okay. >> and this is spending.
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the president wants tax increases and to humiliate, in my opinion, republicans. biggest changer i saw in negotiations on plan. a was that the president wanted four years of a blank check. then talking about the debt ceiling, two years, now, there was talk maybe congressman boehner would give one year of a blind check to the president. tell me that part. >> that isn't true. >> aim i'm afraid this is the trap the president would like to us walk into to get republicans to support a tax increase and over the weekend, we know that the speaker offered a trillion dollar increase in revenues. i call that a tax increase. put that on the table. if i was president, i won't have accepted i'd say i want more. now, he wants the house to step into something which, by the way, may 23 nancy pelosi asked for this vote saying rez taxes on millionaires and we'd be satisfied with that. i think that is a serious distraction from real issue,
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spending. republicans should be for something, putting something on the floor. it's a serious attempt to address the problem of spending and say president what are your spending cuts. >> sean: let me ask you the following because you guys have constitutional authorities as it relates to power of the purse. i would never give that up because i think it's important that we need some adults in washington to so the question i have is would it be at this point if a deal is not going to be reached, would it be good for the republicans to pass their own bill, is it congressman chavez is it plan b? plan c? what is it going to be and i think we all like, there is a modified version. there is no debt limit increase. and it reduces... >> sean: what is the modified version. >> well, we don't have that
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there. is no increase in the debt limit. i thits thi whaits we need to do. we need to make sure 14 days from now, every american is going get a tax increase. if i can protect 99% of the people in this country, from getting that tax increase, i want to do that. i think that is a responsible thing to do. >> when jack carney says he's moved halfway on this thing you've got to seat president demanded an extra $800 billion in tax increases. john boehner says okay, we'll do that. and what do they do? move to $1.6 trillion. >> sean: wait a minute, wait a minute. >> the president doesn't want to deal. >> sean: congressman gomer works you support the 99%? >> it doesn't look good to me. >> sean ill not support this
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proposal. plan a is underway. there are still negotiation goesing on. and hairy reid says this bill goes nowhere but this zrakts us from the real problem. there are americans out there that think if you raise taxes on rich that is going solve a deficit. >> if we don't pass something in 14 days every american has a tax increase. it's $4 trillion to president obama. i want to prevent that. we need to cut taxes. that is why i think this modifies plan b makes sense. >> if we don't cut spending we're taxing. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> that is ridiculous. >> thank you. thank you for taking time out of your busy nights. thank you. appreciate it. when we come back, david limbaugh, negotiating so what do they think of the speaker's modified plan wb? then, the white house on record about plans they're going after gun rights. jay carney laid it out. let's take a look at what is in store for the second
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amendment in this country. >> actively supportive of for example senator feinstein's stated intent to revive a piece of legislation that would reinstate the assault weapons ban.
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>> i think we all know that every income tax filer in america is going to pay a higher rate coming january 1stiwl unles congress acts. so i believe it's important that we protect as manypfl americanñ taxpayers as we can. and our plan b would protect the americanw3 taxpayers who make a million dollars06 or less and 6 all of their current ratesbsl extended. >> sean: that was speaker boehner talking about protecting the taxpayers with his plan b. now it's a modified plan b. is that what the plan really does? here to debate that juan williams, author of the great destroyer, and david limbaugh is with us. if you go back, this is how far we've come in a year.
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go back to when the republicans were debate -- trying to get the nomination. tax increases. all said no. then it went 3-1. first itt5ñ was 4-1, 3-1.7sñ now we're literally at the point, a,áí)s&ion dollars in cut, but want more than a trillion in revenue. it's actually flipped and still obama won't support it. interest in supporting it. the democrats promised bush senior 3-1 in spending cuts and reneged. now we're in serious existential problems in our nationag
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the washington examiner and4[ talked about4c it being double counting. i'm a littled0 concerned with wt speaker boehner is doing. >> sean: i'm very concerned. i'm very concerned about what i'm reading, because it doesn't sound like he's standing on the principles. o!zdifferences, and if they're going to be a carbon copy of the democrats, that's problematic to me. juan,wn be noble to go off the fiscal cliff in january if the president's not serious about cutting spending. we're borrowing 46 cents of every dollar we now spend in washington. obama gave us $6 trillion in new debt, and it is estimated new debt in the next four years may be as<  high as $8.5 trillion.
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or go over the fiscal cliff. i think it would be the responsible thing to do because it's irresponsible what's going on now. >> you're talking about republican suicide. i want to protect the american people from all those tax hikes u protecting se on them and secondly, you talk about carbon copy, when did the american people, republicans or democrats, send leaders to washington who think that compromise and reason are out of fashion and that you must be a hard edged ideologue in order to justify -- >> wait a minute -- >> stop for a second. hard edged because i don't want to borrow or steal -- i'll use the word steal because i think it's accurate, 46 cents of every dollar we spend from our children. that's hard edge? >> i tell you what, first of all, there is not that big a difference right now between the proposal from speaker boehner and president obama. it's not a carbon copy, but what you see is they're trying to protect the economy. a lot of these things take place over a ten-year period, sean. they're trying to protect the
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very fragile economic recovery, make sure that people who are in need right now get the support they need -- >> david limbaugh, if they want to protect the economy, how about living within their means? >> you're doing the exact opposite formula, the exact opposite prescription. you need to be undertaking to protect the economy. the economy is weak, so you don't raise taxes on already struggling economy. and you don't crowd out the private sector by spending more money. you don't accumulate debt at a disturbing rate. obama is expanding government. i saw a stanford economist who just written a book who talked about the times that you really have retardation of economic growth is when government spending, the rate of government spending exceeds the rate of private spending and we saw that, we're seeing that right now and obama is proposing that we double down on that. you expand the government spending, you crowd out the private sector -- >> david, that's not right.
9:20 pm
>> reduce growth. >> what you're talk being is sending us over the fiscal cliff and at the same time, steering off -- no! >> by telling them that the government is cutting back on every kind of spending and contractor in the nation! you're asking for catastrophe. >> you want to tax 70% of the businesses that provide 70% of the jobs, juan. >> we're trying to -- democrats are trying to protect 98% from tax hikes increases and you want to tax everybody. >> we got to take a break. we'll come back more with juan and david. they'll stay with us and it is supposed to be a relief bill for desperate sandy storm victims. but congress is not about to let a good strategy go to waste so they're packing this with billions of pork and it's nothing to do with the hurricane. we'll have the latest on that
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fox news alert. "new york times" is reporting that the independent inquiry into the benghazi attacks that killed four americans that the state department is at fault. according to the times, the report, quote, criticizes the state department for a lack of seasoned security personnel and relying on untested local militia to safeguard the compound. the ap is reporting that secretary of state hillary clinton will accept 29 suggestions from the review board. this information comes just days before secretary clinton was supposed to testify on capitol hill about what she knew in regards to the terrorist attack and when. but she was forced to cancel because she's reportedly recovering from a concussion. we continue with david limbaugh
9:25 pm
and juan williams. lot of unanswered questions there. we'll be looking into that report in the days to come. juan, the president of the united states is supposed to lead. he gave us 6 trillion in new debt in his first term. he's on track a trillion dollars deficits as far as the eye can see. this whole discussion has been about one thing, raising taxes. when will he restrain his impulse to spend more than he takes in? >> but sean, one of the big compromises offered by the president this past weekend was to what they call the chain cpi, try to limit the rate at which we see the increase in spending on the entitlement programs in the country. that was a huge concession and you don't even acknowledge it. >> why is that a concession, juan? why is that a concession? when it's in the best interest of the nation? why is the rate of growth --
9:26 pm
>> david, it does what you want. it slows the rate of spending on the social entitlement programs. >> but it shouldn't be considered a concession for obama to do what is unarguably in the best interest of the nation. the gop shouldn't have to give up leverage by getting obama to be reasonable and to move off his destructive position. so obama doesn't get points for doing something reasonable. >> wait a minute, david. he's doing something that has been requested by the gop and then you say you don't get credit because that -- >> no, he gets discredits -- >> it's about growing from the far right and bunch of house tea party republicans don't really want bain tore negotiate with the president. they think -- >> we want real spending cuts. real entitlement reform, and real tax reform. obama is doing everything against the interest of the nation and to save our financial picture. he has leverage. i think i'm the only person in
9:27 pm
the nation who believes we leverage. >> see, i agree with you, david. i think the republans have a far better hand and they cannot give away the issue that the president has a blank check. they've got to maintain their constitutional authority. for me, the issue, juan, is baseline budgeting. we in washington, if you reduce the rate of increase from 9% projected growth to 7%, they call it a cut. no american does math this way. this is what i liked about the penny plan by connie mac. you freeze spending at current levels. you cut one penny out of every dollar. do you it across the board. you can balance the budget in six years. and you can still maintain economic growth. but that's not acceptable to washington. republicans or democrats seemingly at this time. >> because it's not real. >> sure, it's real. >> you can't maintain check growth and imagine, where are the cuts coming? >> across the board. >> look, you can't have -- >> one penny out of every dollar. >> what the president is too
9:28 pm
long just recently was protecting the veterans and the disabled, saying we've got to do something -- >> so if we cut one penny, i hate veterans and the disabled? >> listen, juan,'s not protecting the middle class or disabled because he's presiding over and cause ago destructive economy that is in perpetual anemic state. he's killing the middle class. he's not protecting it. >> david, the president has a plan on the table that would protect the middle class from any tax hikes, 98%. it's who say we don't want to raise taxes on the very rich. one more thing to say to you, remember, 74% of the american people say this should be a combination of tax increases and spending cuts. >> david? >> you don't protect the middle class by increasing the dependency cycle, reducing the work force, decreasing labor participation rate, increasing
9:29 pm
taxes that kills economic growth, and refusing to reform entitlementment. this is not the fault of the rich and there is no tax cut on the table. we're only talking about extending rate and increasing rates to punish the rich. the rich, juan, didn't cause this problem. politicians and them wanting to acquire power and use other people's money is what caused this problem. and obama has taken this country for a joy ride and he's taken it for a wreck. >> wait a second! >> hang on. let's folk on what david said here. when we have 60 trillion dollars in debt and borrowing 46 cents of every dollar and stealing from our kids, i don't understand why there is not this urgency on your side to stop doing that. 'cause to me, it's morally bankrupt to take money not only that we don't have now, but we're forcing this debt on our kids. where is your moral imperative to say cut spending, live within
9:30 pm
your means? where is that from the democratic party? >> sean, what i say is people do have this imperative. people are saying we're going to slow down the rate of growth of these programs, the whole notion of -- >> still borrowing 40 cents of every dollar. >> you can't do this in a rash manner that would crash the american economy. >> no! we will crash from debt. >> speaker boehner is trying to make a deal. you don't want a deal apparently. >> juan, obama wants more stimulus! by the way, stimulus crowds out the private sector. it doesn't work! >> you guys put words on the books, social spending and still don't want to acknowledge you helped crash the economy. >> $139,000 per household, we're in debt. stop this penning, juan. get on obama! he's your buddy. >> we got to go. good to see you. coming up, the white house makes its first move on limiting gun owners' rights. but this is just the tip of the
9:31 pm
iceberg. we'll look what their proposal and what proposed bans it could lead to. coming up next, $60 billion, you think it's a relief for sandy storm victims? it's filled with millions and millions of unrelated pork. that shocking and egregious examples are coming up next copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition
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>> all right so while president obama and house speaker john boehner struggle to make a deal to avert the fiscal cliff we are reminded why we are in the situation in the first place. now in the senate 60 billion dollar sandy relief package there are millions an millions of dollars allocated for ridiculous project completely unrelated to the storm. let's take a look. we start with a whopping 150 million of your taxpayer dollars for fishery. that's right. fishery. 41 million dollars for u.s. military base repair including gitmo. how does that help the
9:36 pm
people in new york new jersey and long island. over 15 million dollars for justice department facilities and equipment repairs. also 15 million dollars for nasa including repair at the kennedy space center in florida? and two million dollars for roof damage at the smithsonian building in washington. only the beginning. proof of more washington waste. here with reaction the co-host of the fox business network. sir, no wonder why we can't these people still wait fog for the money they are using politic in this. can you pass a single piece of legislation in america today which is a spending bill without loading it up with extra items to satisfy senators who are not medley involved in that particular vote. >> no. >> no you can not. can you get elected in america today by saying no we are not
9:37 pm
the house passed measures to get back jobs in america. the senate hasn't moved one of them. if you're a senator you and need, have you a project you want to get done, only way owe do it is to attach to it something that is a must pass bill. i think people need to look back and say this is not just a washington problem, it's a process that the senate leader will only let thicks go through that are locked in, and there is no other way to
9:38 pm
get this funded. >> there is $500 million here for national oceanic and atmospheric association. >> but that money was going to be spent anyway. this is the only spending bill going out there. i'm not saying it's right. >> sean: fbi getting $4 million for new vehicle autos maybe they need them. >> you're buying votes in the senate. >> who are you buying them? from smithsonian? senator menendez, every ad was about how he brought home the bacon to new jersey of federal taxpayer dollars going to new jersey. it's not right for the people of sandy to have to wait for it. if this is the only way to get it done and spending bill going to go through, i think if it's going to be spend anyway, just pass it. >> sean: exactly this, is where republicans this is
9:39 pm
where i'm infuriated with republicans they ought to be saying we're the party going to stop again rational theft f it means fiscal cliff, go ahead, yell at me. >> we had a good discussion, that wasn't yelling. that is what my dad used to say. you hit on it. generational theft. it's actually the fact they haven't done anything on entitlement spending. if you look at the federal budget and it's a pie discretion nairy spending we have to spend is shrinking. only way to fix that is fix the entitlement programs. i blame democrats. >> sean: long island, jerry shore, 85,000ses today replace immigration and custom enforcement, law enforcement vehicles. this is been -- we've within told a lie.
9:40 pm
you can have all of this spending just make the rich pay a little bit more, they will pay for it. we can afford it. that is a lie. you cannot. >> basement. >> a smile on your face, you know we cannot afford it. every extra $100 billion borrowed at $40 billion worth of interest. >> borrowing 46 cents of every dollar we're stealing from our kids. you told me last week can i say this? >> yes. i don't know. >> you know beckel does this. he says something on the green room, on air. it's called being beckel. >> sean: i don't want to beckel you. >> i'm comfortable. >> you said get over it. it doesn't map. >> well, it is. >> no. no. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> and this is something to get involved nchl i'm looking into the future, who is leading us into the future.
9:41 pm
and where is the conservatives standing up for limited government? >> where is president obama? they're the ones bringing senate democrats and do not have a single plan. and so everybody else, back off. all bad press they can get nationally doesn't matter when congress's approval is at 9%. >> how to control spending. do you know what? i want them to take a stand. >> i think they'd agree with you on this, though. >> i don't know. >> and there is storm damage relief. >> see... this is the difference between can't and won't its not they can't say it. they won't say it. they're missing an opportunity to be a party bold color
9:42 pm
differences as reagan said. >> you saw some starting to splinter off. it's a small needle boehner is trying to thread. i don't know if he'll be able to do it. >> merry christmas. >> that is fun. >> sean: coming up, white house puts plans for gun owners on the record. what does it mean for you? next, then, hollywood again showing it's hypocrisy. jamie fox says the film industry does bear responsibilities in tragedies like sandy hook but i bet they cast him big time for his new, violent movie, straight ahead. uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> in the wake of friday's school shooting tragedy in connecticut, americans are searching for answers and solutionses, and we are finally getting a glimpse of what the obama administration today. per the white house press briefing, jay carney was asked about the president's past stance on gun control and explained that the administration will support efforts to reason state the assault weapons ban. watch this.
9:47 pm
>> jay, as an illinois state legislator, the president supported quite restrictive gun measures. as president he's only signed into law legislation that allows guns in national parks and not on amtrak trains and checked luggage. >> the president's positions have been beyond what you cited. i'm sure that was an oversight, but including the support for reinstatement of the assault weapons ban. his support for closing the so-called gun show loop hole which allows people to buy weapons without going through the background checks that are standard when you purchase from a retailer. >> joining me with reaction, former governor of maryland, robert ehrlich and democratic strategist michael brown. governor, i'll start with you. would this legislation, if it hasn't passed, would it have done anything in this tragedy.
9:48 pm
>> probably not, shawn, and the issues here are very complex, obviously. mental illness is a major issue here, part of this entire story as is school security. the appropriate school security measures that need to be undertaken as is gun control. obviously the press is going to focus on gun control at this time. >> michael, do we really want to find an answer, or is this just exploiting as gerald nadler said a tragedy for political gain? if we really want to look for answers, shouldn't we be looking at parenting issues, mental health issues, widespread distribution of drugs, maybe values, god in the classroom, talking about these things in school? should we be looking at those if we want this national discussion? >> violent videos should be thrown in there, too, sean. >> i think we're probably going to agree on all of these issues. i don't think there's a silver bullet.
9:49 pm
i think all of these issues have to be addressed. all of these issues have to be on the table to make sure these tragedies don't continue to happen. i think part of it is the dialogue we're having now which is to agree on how we figure this stuff out without the politics of it. clearly some of the things we're doing here in the district of columbia, we're one of the top rated folks relative to the brady report on gun restriction. it's not just about the guns, it's also about the a ammunitio. we've done a really good job of making sure you can't sell or buy those multi-bullet clips. the question is do you need a multi-bullet clip in an urban environment, or do hunters even need a multi-bullet clip. i think those are some of the things we also have to put on the table to discuss. >> our founders and framers never talked about hunting. they talked about actually as a necessity for freedom that we should have an armed citizenry. >> also, the measures that
9:50 pm
impact crime, that's really the bottom line here. what's effective? what truly goes to the bottom line, and michael, i really appreciate the tone and tenor of your comments here. the last thing we need to do is get overly political at this time. everybody is hurting. it's incomprehensible. the country is mourning. there are three very important issues that we need to debate rationally and reasonable. >> governor, why haven't we heard only about gun control. we're learning one of the main reasons reporting tonight is this kid was apparently thinking his mother was going to commit him, and this kid obviously had mental health issues that were not being addressed. as a responsible gun owner, all my adult life, michael, i learned how to shoot at age 11. i've had a pistol carry permit for more than half of my adult life. how somebody with this illness could have access to any guns is incomprehensible to me.
9:51 pm
>> measures that keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, that is complete common ground. >> absolutely. >> for both sides of the debate. >> i agree whole heartedly, michael. none of these things in this instance, none of what is being proposed solves this, michael. that's what tells me this is being politicized. >> i certainly hope not. you'll always have some level of a political dimension, but hopefully cooler heads will prevail and we can start to figure out and have honest conversations. keep in mind it's not just issues of mass shootings but in urban america, all across the country, every single night we have people getting shot and so we have to figure out how we deal with those issues, too. i mean, it's a comprehensive strategy we have to talk about openly and honestly. >> those guns are illegal. they didn't go through the background check, didn't follow the laws we have which tells me maybe more laws isn't the
9:52 pm
answer. we gotta have better enforcement. >> and we have to talk about school security, too. >> it would help to get some of the guns off the street. >> they did that in australia. violent crime went up ... by a lot. we'll talk about that another day. guys, good to see you, thank you, both. >> happy holidays. >> merry christmas. coming up, you're looking at one of the most violent movies coming to a theater near you. the star behind it, jamie foxx claims hollywood is to blame behind the tragedies like sandy hook. will he forego his
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>> sean: in the wake of the newtown shooting, hollywood's biggest stars are bidding that the film industry does, in fact, bear some responsibility for tragedies like this one. this weekend left wing actor jamie foxx said, quote, we cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn't have a sort of influence, it does. now, that's ironic. in fact, you know, what mr. foxx had said, he said this while promoting a brand new movie, jango unchained. does he mean it, and if so, will he say no thanks to the paycheck. here with reaction, tamara and
9:57 pm
nicole. >> they fly in private jets and complain about suvs and greenhouse gases. they have armed guards, but then complain about people who arm themselves. >> it's the same thing that michael moore did when he came out and he had a film on down with capitalism but yet profited off it. it's the same thing. >> it's not the same thing. he's basically saying that hollywood does have an influence in our culture. for example, jaws. it came out a hundred years ago when i was a little kid. now, what is there? there's a jaws ride at disneyland. it used to be such a terribly violent movie. there's an influence in our culture that these movies play out in video games and rides in disneyland. sure, if you don't want your kid to watch it, fine. your kid will be exposed to some level of violence at some point in their lifetime. >> sean: look, i don't have a problem with adult movies. i have watched them.
9:58 pm
>> what kind of adult movies, sean. >> not that one. >> sean: i stepped right in the middle of that. i don't have a problem with adult-themed movies, not the ones you're thinking about. in other words, i go to the movies, but there's certain movies -- this now comes to parenting. on the one hand they can't complain about violence in movies and its influence on the culture and blame gun owners and take money on this. >> this has been made a political issue. there is no reason, first of all, parenting starts at home. >> then how are you blaming hollywood if parenting starts at home? >> guess what, sister. i am not. >> don't call me sister. i'm a professional here. don't call me sister. we're having a professional conversation. >> i understand. i'm not blaming hollywood. just the opposite. i do not think that it -- it's the film that is causing this. >> sean: why are you so mad about her calling you sister?
9:59 pm
i'm kidding, go ahead. >> it's a sisterly thing. >> the problem is that you're upset because jamie foxx comes out and acknowledges that there is a problem in hollywood or there is a problem in our society as a whole. >> and then takes money from it. >> that is his job. he takes money because he's an actor. >> if he doesn't believe it, he shouldn't profit from it. >> sean: hang on a second. wait a minute. hollywood actors that complain about guns shouldn't have -- >> he wasn't complaining about it. >> >> sean: let me finish my thought. they shouldn't complain about -- they shodn't have armed bodyguards. if they're complaining about people in suvs and greenhouse gases, get out of your private jet, michael moore, and lear jet limlimousines. >> they travel many places throughout the country. >> sean: i travel many places. >> and you travel in a private jet, i heard. >> i travel commercially, too, tamara. i'm not lecturing the country on taking away suvs. >> it's about hypocracy.

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